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The event below is now
Several invited participants are not able to come, and I am not able to run a useful event with the few people that are left. I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused but I thank you all for your help and advice, and I am looking forward to see you again soon.

3CinG Workshop: Mirrors and Arithmetic, Imperial College London, April 14-15 2018

This is a small-scale workshop from Saturday 14th of April to Sunday 15th of April 2018 in the Huxley Building at Imperial College London, room to be announced.

This workshop forms part of the Cambridge-Imperial-Warwick EPSRC-funded 5-year programme grant “Classification, Computation, and Construction: New Methods in Geometry” (3C in G). The aim of the meeting is to discuss current and future directions at the interface between arithmetic and mirror symmetry.

Support for travel and accommodation is granted for speakers and a number of outside participants through the 3CinG grant; you may apply for such support through the registration form.

Organisers: Alessio Corti (, Chloe Stockford (

Invited participants:

Spencer Bloch

Vasily Golyshev

Pierre Lairez

Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas

Emre Sertöz

Nick Shepherd-Barron

Duco van Straten

Don Zagier