‘Hidden Geometries’

We have an ongoing collaboration with Artist and researcher Dr Gemma Anderson. Below are some images of works that we are currently developing in new directions through the 3C in G Project.

To read more about our collaboration please see our article ‘Drawing in Mathematics: From Inverse Vision to the Liberation of Form‘ (Anderson, G., Buck, D., Coates, T. and Corti, A. 2015 Leonardo, 48 (5), pp. 439-448) and our book chapter ‘Notes from an Artistic Collaboration‘ (Anderson, G. and Corti, A. 2015, in Emmer, M. and Abate, M. (eds.) Imagine Maths 4. Unione Matematica Italiana; pp.72-82).

You can also watch this video for an introduction to some of the work that we do.

DSC_6693 DSC_6700 DSC_6688 DSC_6683 DSC_6685  DSC_6668 DSC_6672