About the Seminar

The seminar is held jointly by Imperial College, King’s College, and Queen Mary, University of London, with visitors from Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick and other universities. It is designed for anyone visiting London on a Friday afternoon.

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The organisers are: Mykola Matviichuk and Noah Porcelli.

Some previous organisers of the London Geometry seminar:  Paolo CasciniMartin R. Bridson, Shaun Bullett, Simon K. Donaldson, Patrick Du Val, William J. Harvey, Mark Haskins, Leonard Roth, and John G. Semple.


London Underground map.

Getting to Imperial College. Do not get the tunnel to Exhibition Road; the maths department is in the Huxley Building, 180 Queen’s Gate, opposite Queen’s Gate Terrace. Gloucester Road is the closest tube station.

Getting to the LMS building (De Morgan House, 57-58 Russell Square). Ring the bell and say the password that is included in the email announcing the talk. This is for LMS security reasons. Directions on joining the email list are given above.

Getting to King’s College. Tea in room 429, seminar in 436.

Getting to QMW. From Stepney Green tube go left along Mile End Road for about 200 metres. From Mile End tube go west along Mile End Road for about 300 metres.

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