Where I’ll Be


Aug 01–Aug 15, 2016, “Advanced School and Workshop on Moduli Spaces, Mirror Symmetry and Enumerative Geometry,” ICTP

Sep 05–Sep 18, 2016, Moscow

Sep 26–Sep 30, 2016, “Algebraic Geometry: Old and New,” CMI Workshop, Oxford

Oct 13–Oct 15, 2016, “3CinG kick-off workshop,” Warwick


Jan–Mar, 2017, IMPA, Rio de Janeiro

Apr 18–Apr 21, 2017, “3C in G Workshop on Computational Algebra”, King’s College, Cambridge

Jun 05–09, 2017, “G2 and Spin7” (Simons Collaboration),  Imperial College London

Jul 13, 2017, SFB Kolloquium, Mainz

Jul 14–Jul 21, Warwick (3CinG sponsored Workshop Jul 13–Jul 15, Mori honorary degree)

Aug 14–Aug 18, 2017 (second half), “Hodge Theory, Moduli and Representation Theory”, Simons Center, Stony Brook

Aug 20–Sep 03, 2017, I am planning a cycle camping trip on the West coast of Scotland

Sep 04–Sep 10, 2017, art residency in Ireland

Sep 11–Sep 22, 2017, “Instruments of Algebraic Geometry,” Bucharest

Sep 29–Oct 01, 2017, inaugural conference of the “Four-city Alliance,” Higher School of Economics, Moscow


June 04–June 07, 2018, Angelo Vistoli’s 60th, Pisa

June 17–June 23, 2018, Workshop “Subgroups of Cremona Groups,” Oberwolfach

July 02–July 06, 2018, Workshop in honour of Beltrametti’s 60th

July 30–Aug 03, 2018, Workshop “Degenerate contributions to enumerative invariants,” Imperial College London

Aug 20–Aug 24, 2018 pre-workshop (TBC)

Aug 27–Sep 04, 2018, 4th Nairobi Workshop in Algebraic Geometry

Sep 06–Sep 15, 2018, “Complex Algebraic Geometry,” Cetraro

Nov 05–Nov 09, 2018, EDGE 2018 Workshop “Constructions and Obstructions in Birational Geometry,” ICMS conference center Edinburgh


Jul 22–Jul 26, 2019,  del Pezzo surfaces and Fano varieties, Düsseldorf