London Junior Geometry Seminar


The London Junior Geometry seminar is a seminar for graduate students, based at Imperial College. The aim is to provide a frank and casual atmosphere for postgraduates in geometry, topology, analysis and number theory to talk about things they have been learning or working on. The talks are mainly given by postgraduate students at Imperial College, but external speakers (from London and beyond) are welcome.

If you have any questions, contact Lorenzo Foscolo ( or Gonçalo Oliveira ( who organize the talks.

This site is editable so that people can schedule and suggest their own talks. Clicking on the (edit) links should take you to a spreadsheet with site content. Contact Lorenzo to get permission to edit this.

This term's talks (edit)


Some lists of ideas for talks, and talks which we think would be of interest for the future.

Previous talks

You can reminisce about talks from previous terms, and about cakes from previous terms. We also have an archive of abstracts.

Notes from previous talks and lecture courses

A collection of these (mostly from previous years) can be found here.

Mailing list

We have a mailing list to announce both Junior Geometry talks and other events that may be of interest to geometers in London. You can join or unsubscribe from the list here.